Sparkly dark blue Mother and Child Dress

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•Sparkly blue Mother and Child dress.

•The child dress size is referred to girl's body height,not dress length.

Size 110CM: Bust 60CM - Waist 56CM 

Size 120CM: Bust 64CM - Waist 60CM 

Size 130CM: Bust 68CM - Waist 64CM 

Size 140CM: Bust 72CM - Waist 68CM 

Size 150CM: Bust 75cm - Waist 72CM 

Size 160CM: Bust 77cm - Waist 74cm

•Mother dress size:

Size S : Bust 80CM - Waist 63CM

Size M : Bust 84CM - Waist 67CM

Size L : Bust 87CM - Waist 70CM

Size XL : Bust 90CM - Waist 73CM

Size XXL: Bust 94CM - Waist 76CM