Middle sleeve pink embroidered child tulle dress

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•embroidery child white tulle dress.

• 3 kinds of dress length: short, Hi-Lo front short back long,Floor length long.

•Sleeve as pictures 

•Two kinds of embroidery colors:Pink and Blue.

•Size is referred to kid's body height.

Size 100cm:Bust 56cm / Waist 54cm.

Size 110cm:Bust 60cm / Waist 56cm  .

Size 120cm:Bust 64cm / Waist 60cm  .

Size 130cm:Bust 68cm / Waist 62cm  .

Size 140cm:Bust 72cm / Waist 66cm  .

Size 150cm:Bust 76cm / Waist 69cm .

Size 160cm:Bust 78cm / Waist 72cm.