Long sleeve plaid mother and daughter matching dresses

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•Mother and daughter plaid dress  .

•Child dress Size is referred to daughter's body height.

Kid's Size 100cm:Waist 56cm / dress length 44cm

Kid's Size 110cm:Waist 62cm / dress length 48cm

Kid's Size 120cm:Waist 64cm / dress length 53cm

Kid's Size 130cm:Waist 68cm / dress length 57cm

Kid's Size 140cm:Waist 74cm / dress length 62cm

Kid's Size 150cm:Waist 78cm / dress length 67cm

Kid's Size 160cm:Waist 84cm / dress length 71cm


Mother's Size S:

shoulder 32cm - bust 88cm - dress Length 76cm

Mother's Size M:

shoulder 33cm - bust 92cm - dress Length 81cm

Mother's Size L:

shoulder 35cm - bust 98cm - dress Length 85cm