Girl's blue gown with pearls and sequin

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•Flower girl blue dress with pearl and sequin.

•Zipper at the back.

•Two kind of dress length:

One is short & one is ankle length long.

•Size is referred to kid's body height.

   It isn't the length of the dress.

If your girl is slim,choose the size close to her body height!

If your girl is a little fat,please choose the size bigger than her body height.

Size 90cm body height: Bust 52cm / Waist 48cm.

Size 100cm body height:Bust 56cm / Waist 52cm.

Size 110cm body height:Bust 60cm / Waist 56cm.

Size 120cm body height:Bust 64cm / Waist 60cm .

Size 130cm body height:Bust 68cm / Waist 64cm  .

Size 140cm body height:Bust 72cm / Waist 68cm  .

Size 150cm body height:Bust 76cm / Waist 72cm.

Size 160cm body height:Bust 80cm / Waist 76cm.