Flower girl dress babble dress gray lavender white

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Kid's babble dress birthday party dress 

•pink gradient:pink top + dark pink bottom.

•gradient color:champagne top + pink bottom.

•Size is refer to the body height of the baby.

If the baby is slim,please choose the size close to its body height.

If the baby is fat,please choose 1 or 2 size bigger than its body height.

•Dress top is a little elastic.

Size 80cm: Bust 40cm / Dress Length 38cm.

Size 90cm: Bust 42cm / Dress Length 42cm.

Size 100cm: Bust 44cm / Dress Length 46cm.

Size 110cm:Bust 46cm / Dress Length 50cm.

Size 120cm: Bust 48cm / Dress Length 54cm.

Size 130cm: Bust 50cm / Dress Length 58cm.

Size 140cm: Bust 58cm / Dress Length 66cm.

 •Video of this dress: