Embroidered light purple party wear dress for little girl

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•Embroidered prom dress for little girl.

•Light purple ball gown for little girl.

•Little girl’s party wear dress 

•Three kinds of dress length:

  Long ,floor length long   

  High - low , short front and long back.


•The size is referred to girl's body height,not dress length.

Size 110CM(3’6’’):Bust 60CM - Waist 56CM

Size 120CM(3’9’’):Bust 64CM - Waist 58CM

Size 130CM(4’3’’):Bust 68CM - Waist 61CM

Size 140CM(4’6’’):Bust 72CM - Waist 65CM

Size 150CM(4’9’’):Bust 75CM - Waist 69CM

Size 160CM(5’3’’):Bust 78CM - Waist 71CM

Size 170CM(5’6’’): Bust 82CM - Waist 76CM